The Fast Times
NZ MX Nationals


The button has been pushed, the bikes have become bytes, and Aotearoa has the go-to website for those who ride dirt bikes: The Fast Times.

This website is not only entirely new, it’s also New Zealand’s only dedicated dirt bike domain that was created to engage, educate and entertain Kiwi riders with original and exciting content, which has no agenda but to fuel the ride. Even before the launch, The Fast Times was created to shake things up, bringing the excitement back to the lifestyle that only those who have experienced it will understand. But nobody likes to live in a bubble, which is why The Fast Times will share that stoke, helping more people – no matter what age – get out to grip and rip.

By doing so, The Fast Times will do everything it can to help the local scene grow – whether it’s moto, enduro, cross country, freestyle, adventure or just plain old bush bashin’ – by assisting everyone, including the average joe through to the pro, and secure a future for all.

When visiting The Fast Times, you’ll learn what’s happening in New Zealand, from the dunes of Pouto Point to the ruts of Pleasant Point, and everywhere in between. With the all-new content that brings something new to the scene, The Fast Times will shine more light on the talent that has always been in New Zealand, which is why our country consistently punches above its weight.

The Fast Times is not just the races, but also the places, the people, the scene, the whips and the wares. It’s all things dirt, online, all of the time. It’s pure New Zealand – shredded.

Now, why don’t you get with the times? So, say it with us: Learn it. Know it. Live it.

Main Photo: Chris Ritchie