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The Spotlight: Introducing the All-New Fox Racing V3 Helmet

Fox Racing V3 Helmet
Think you know the V3? While its heritage goes back to the Nineties, the Fox Racing V3 helmet is completely new for 2019.

The name may be the same, but the all-new Fox Racing V3 helmet is just that – all-new. From its shell, the shape and lines of that shell, to the impact protection system and liner, the V3 has been redesigned from the neck up to be the most technologically advanced motocross helmet that the brand has ever offered.

The Fox Racing V3 Helmet

Introducing the all-new Fox Racing V3 helmet, the most complete approach to safety and performance. It is the most technologically advanced moto helmet Fox has ever offered. It builds off its championship-winning heritage with a new highly ventilated design and a systematic approach to managing linear and rotational impacts. The tech-rich update includes an arsenal of revolutionary features, including Fluid Inside and Fox’s proprietary MVRS. The all-new Fox Racing V3 helmet is worn and refined by the fastest racers on the planet. It is made for motocross and motocross champions.

The biggest change to the V3 is the addition of Fluid Inside. Based on extensive scientific research, Fluid Inside is engineered to enhance a helmet’s ability to protect your brain by mimicking Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF), your body’s natural protection. By incorporating a matrix of Fluid pods around the head, the V3 is essentially “floating” on your head, with the matrix independently and simultaneously managing the linear and rotational forces during a digger.

At the moment of impact, the foam compresses to provide added low linear impact protection. Simultaneously, low shear fluid is dispersed throughout the pod, creating a low shear plane that permits motion of the helmet relative to the head, to provide rotational force protection. In short, that means protection against linear impacts – that can cause skull fractures and intracranial hemorrhaging – and also rotational forces, the latter being the cause of concussive brain injuries.

Fox redesigned all aspects of the V3 to make sure the helmet is the perfect blend of protection and performance. But the focus was always on protecting the pilot – either on the bike or on the ground.

Main Photo: Fox Racing