The Fast Times

The Flashback: Get “On the Gas” with Ronnie Mac and Ben Townley

On the Gas with Ronnie Mac
It was all beer, banter and bench racing when The Fast Times celebrated Crate Day with the help of "Uncle Ronnie" and BT101.

Alright, we’ll admit that this flashback isn’t flashing that far back. But it’s one of our more popular joints. That’s why we decided to take another look at the time we got on the gas – as in, you know, sinking beers – with Ronnie Mac and Ben Townley. We do have a little warning, though: don’t bother watching On the Gas if you’re easily offended.

Ronnie Mac, Ben Townley and The Fast Times Get “On the Gas”

How did The Fast Times get on the gas with Ronnie and Townley? Well, after getting word that Ronnie was racing the S-X Open in Auckland, we reached out with the idea of showing him some of those fast times off the bike. Basically, it didn’t involve any riding – just beer, banter and bench racing. But “Uncle Ronnie” is an expert in those things, so he responded with a “Yessir!” That meant we could make the dungaree-wearing tourist put down his beloved Pabst Blue Ribbon to try some iconic Kiwi brews.

So, which beers? We kept it simple. From the top of the country down, Uncle Ronnie tried some “Red Lion”, “Wakatui Drought”, “Tee-ewe-aye” and “Spaghetti”. It’s totally fine to laugh at that pronunciation, too (’cause everyone present at the informal beer tasting at Workshop Graphics did the same).

The tour of those New Zealand brews was led by BT101 – yeah, that Ben Townley. Sure, it’s not the kind of tour he normally leads. But Ben definitely was the perfect host, educating Ronnie on the essentials, from how to pronounce “Mangatainoka”, to who he thought would take the win at the final round of the Supercross FIM Oceania Championship, and why there was definitely no drought in Aotearoa in the lead up to the racing at Mount Smart Stadium.

Main Photo: “Batman” | Workshop Graphics