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The Spotlight: Take a “Peak” at the 2019 Fox V1 Helmet with MVRS

Fox V1 Helmet with MVRS
C'mon, low price doesn't mean low quality, which is clear with the release of the MX19 Fox V1 Helmet with MVRS technology.

From the start, motocross has been what Fox Racing has been made for since ’74, and that continues into 2019 with the release of the Fox MX19 line of kit. The brand knows the lifestyle is all about the experiences, the competition and the camaraderie. That’s what keeps Fox pushing forward with innovation, to make sure that next adventure is possible. With the introduction of the Fox V1 Helmet with MVRS, that’s for the entry-level rider, all the way through to those grizzled “weekend warriors”, too.

Introducing the 2019 Fox V1 Helmet with MVRS

The all-new Fox V1 helmet with MVRS has been redesigned from the ground up. Obviously, it now features Fox Racing’s “MVRS”, the brand’s exclusive Magnetic Visor Release System, used to manage rotational forces. This pro-level, patent-pending feature sees the three visor screws replaced with magnets to allow the visor to release from the helmet in the event of a crash, while also securely staying in place when needed.

Along with four specific shell and EPS sizes that makes for a more true-to-size fit and feel, the Fox V1 Helmet with MVRS comes complete with a removable and washable liner and cheek pads for comfort, even after repeated uses.

Of course, being part of the MX19 line of kit, the V1 has a fresh aesthetic. Being available in a wide selection of colours and graphics, the all-new 2019 Fox V1 Helmet with MVRS will match nearly any gear set you’ll be wearing.

We know that riding any kind of motorcycle is expensive, with most of that cost being the moto you ride. Even with that outlay, you shouldn’t skimp on protection, ’cause, remember, prevention is always cheaper than the cure. You should always get the best possible protection for your head, too, making sure your brain is protected. The Fox V1 offers an affordable choice to help with that.

Main Photo: Alick Saunders Photography