The Fast Times

Take a Trip to Iceland with Shift MX and Jimmy Hill

Shift Iceland Collection
Excuse the pun, but this edit of Jimmy Hill shredding Iceland is – wait for it – cool as, and it'll have you wanting to do the same.

Even though the Shift Pure MX19 line was released back in September of last year, the brand has been hard at work on new designs, colourways and edits for the spring – or, like, autumn for Kiwis – in the way of the Endless Collection. The first is the Iceland Collection, which also includes two kits and also a fresh edit that took Jimmy Hill to Iceland.

Iceland with Jimmy Hill

“This project was inspired by the remote island’s black sand beaches, abundant glacial masses and grey overcast skies. But don’t mistake this as just an exploration in colour. Since knitting is a traditional craft in Iceland, it has helped shape both the lives of locals and the culture that surrounds it. That’s why we incorporated this purpose-driven construction in a way specifically beneficial to moto, resulting in the debut of our all-new 3lue Label chassis.” – Shift MX

Endless: Iceland with Jimmy Hill not only showcases the Nordic island nation and Hill’s shredding skills, but also the 3lue Label 2.0 Iceland kit, the first of two gearsets released in this first drop. The limited edition 3lue Label kit was inspired by those black sand beaches and overcast skies. The Whit3 Label Iceland Collection leaves the greys behind in favour of a fresh colour inspired by the glaciers that are a feature of the landscape.

These collections are new additions to the Shift Pure MX19 line, which features four different core collections: the 3lue Label (that has a focus on fit and movement), the 3lack Label (with performance being the key focus),the Whit3 Label (giving core riders the essentials), and the R3con Collection (that gives riders versatility to ride the track, trails and tarmac). The line also includes the Steve Caballero Collection, a special collab between Shift, Moto-X Lab and, like, Steve Caballero.

Main Photo: Shift MX