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Steve Caballero and Shift MX Have Teamed Up for the Cab Lab Collection

Cab Lab Collection
Like Shift, Steve Caballero is all about style, creativity and doing things on his own terms – the ideals and inspiration behind the Cab Lab Collection.

Steve Caballero. He’s one of the most influential skateboarders of all-time. But along with his legacy in skateboarding, his art and music, “Cab” also has a passion for all things with two wheels. That’s why Shift MX and Cab came together to celebrate those things – especially his obsession with moto – with the Caballero x Lab collab AKA the Steve Caballero Collection.

Cab Lab Collection

“I grew up riding street bikes, but it wasn’t ’til I was 35 – around 2000 – that I got my first dirt bike. I pretty much rode up ’til 2005 and then I hung it up for six years. It wasn’t ’til 2011 when Salman Agah, my good friend, talked me into getting a dirt bike – and I haven’t stopped riding since then. [There’s] something that was really cool about being in control but being, you know, out of control at the same time. It definitely took awhile to get one with the bike – and, you know, I’m still learning.”

Despite discovering the love for moto later in life, the original Bones Brigade member still rips – but, yeah, rippers gonna rip – and that’s why Shift teamed up with him for the collaboration. The performance-focused 3lack Label kit from the Shift Pure MX19 collection includes the limited edition collab between Shift, Moto-X Lab and Cab. But the latter also includes Shift’s Whit3 Label Caballero x Lab helmet that has been customised to match the 3lack Label Caballero x Lab jersey and pants. There’s also gear for off the track, too: a tee, trucker hat, and hoody.

The Shift Pure MX19 line features four different core collections, with the aforementioned 3lack Label, the 3lue Label (focusing on fit and movement), the Whit3 Label (giving core riders the essentials) and the R3con Collection (that gives riders versatility to ride the track, trails and tarmac).

Main Photo: Shift MX