The Fast Times

What’s Happening on the Weekend of October 20 + 21?

ed Bull Straight Rhythm
One of these highlights from the coming weekend will definitely keep you busy, whether it sees you in the saddle, at the bunting, or on the couch.

The Weekend

Pirini Motorbike Park Ride Day

Pirini Motorbike Park

Each and every weekend, on alternating Saturdays and Sundays, Pirini Motorbike Park opens its track and trails to those who ride. This long weekend, it’s the Saturday, October 20. The weather is looking perfect, so head down, over, or up to Pongakawa – just do what you’ve got to do.

Those in the know will be returning for another ride. For those who don’t, you can be sure you’ll have an epic day on the bike, no matter if you prefer the track or the trails.

This weekend, The Fast Times won’t be there. But, like always, snap a photo of “The Maverick” logo that’s pasted on the cabin, tag us on Instagram, and we’ll send you one. The first person to do so was Broxy, but he’s always been pretty quick.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

The What: Pirini Motorbike Park Ride Day
The Where: 935 Pongakawa Bush Road, Te Puke
The When: Saturday, October 20
The Who: Pirini Motorbike Park

The Race

Huka Honda MX Fest

You feel that? That’s the temperature rising. It’s not just spring in full swing, either, as the racing action is also heating up. That’s ’cause the new season of moto is about to kick off in Aotearoa.

Like it has for the better part of two decades, the season kicks off at the Taupo Motorcycle Club’s MX Fest – formerly known as the “Labour Weekend Motocross Extravaganza” – at, you guessed it, Digger McEwen Motocross Park. The track’s not only the “home of world champions” like Ben Townley, it’s also the place where the juniors, seniors and veterans go to blow out the cobwebs – and some berms, too.

C’mon, you know the deal, right? If you’re not on the gate, make sure you’re on the bunting to support the racers.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

The What: Huka Honda MX Fest
The Where: Digger McEwen Motocross Park
The When: Saturday, October 20 + Sunday, October 21
The Who: Taupo Motorcycle Club

The Reception

Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2018

Alright, last week we said the Monster Energy Cup was actually the end of a long season of racing in the Northern Hemisphere. We stand by that, ’cause the “Monster Million” has the who’s who of supercross racing for, like, a million dollars. That sees a serious racing effort, which is in line with the rest of the season – and also has racers that have turned down representing their country at the Monster Energy Motocross of Nations lining up to race.

But there is another race, which is one final event – we promise – for the racers on that side of the Pacific, and the other side of the Atlantic: Red Bull Straight Rhythm. This year, more than ever, the race isn’t about the money or the glory as much as it is about the fun. Not only is Red Bull Straight Rhythm back, it’s the same for two-strokes, too. That’s right, for 2018, the supercross racing that’s “unwound” is only open to two-strokes (and the Alta Motors Redshift MX). This event has some of the all-time greats, including Ryan Villopoto and Ryan Dungey, coming out of retirement to race on two-strokes.

Really, what could be better than that?

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

The What: Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2018
The Where: Pomona, California
The When: Saturday, October 20
The Who: Red Bull

Main Photo: Garth Milan | Red Bull Content Pool