The Fast Times

What’s Happening on the Weekend of October 6 + 7?

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One of these highlights from the coming weekend will definitely keep you busy, whether it sees you in the saddle, at the bunting, or on the couch.

The Weekend

Pirini Motorbike Park Ride Day

Photo: Alick Saunders Photography

Each and every weekend, on alternating Saturdays and Sundays, Pirini Motorbike Park opens its track and trails to those who ride. This weekend, it’s the Saturday, October 6. The weather is looking perfect, so head down, over, or up to Pongakawa – just do what you’ve gotta do.

Those in the know will be returning for another ride. For those who don’t, you can be sure you’ll have an epic day on the bike, no matter if you prefer the track or the trails.

This weekend, The Fast Times won’t be there. But, like always, snap a photo of “The Maverick” logo that’s pasted on the cabin, tag us on Instagram, and we’ll send you one. The first person to do that was Broxy. But, you know, he’s always been pretty quick.

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The What: Pirini Motorbike Park Ride Day
The Where: 935 Pongakawa Bush Road, Te Puke
The When: Saturday, October 6
The Who: Pirini Motorbike Park

The Radventure

Boundary Buster

Boundary Buster
Photo: Offlimits

Alright, have you booked your spot? Trust us, when it comes to the likes of Offlimits’ Boundary Buster, it pays to get in early. That’s ’cause this event sells out in a matter of weeks.

In short, Boundary Buster is a two-day guided ride that lets “radventurers” have access the Waiouru Military Training Area – all four boundaries and 63,000 hectares of it. While you’ve probably driven or ridden past it, chances are you have never ridden through it, which is why it’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Just so you know, each day is limited to just 150 riders, and that’s why you should book your spot, like, now.

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The What: Boundary Buster
The Where: Waiouru Army Training Area
The When: Saturday, December 15 + Sunday, December 16
The Who: Offlimits

The Race

2018 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations

First, for us, it’ll always be the Motocross des Nations. But, officially, it’s now the Motocross of Nations. No matter what, it’s still the biggest race of the season, no matter what year it is.

The Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations is back in the United States for 2018, where the world’s fastest motocross racers – most of ’em, anyway, right, Marv? – will be on the gate at RedBud. Uh, we mean, RedBuddd

That includes Team New Zealand’s Cody Cooper, Rhys Carter and Hamish Harwood, too. With that, go get it, fellas.

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The What: 2018 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations
The Where: RedBud Motocross
The When: Saturday, October 6 + Sunday, October 7
The Who: Youthstream

Main Photo: Alick Saunders Photography