The Fast Times

The 2019 100% Collection Will Have You Giving the Full Hundy

2019 100%
Sure, it's only 2018, but you can see the year ahead by taking a look at the 2019 100% collection of goggles and gloves that has landed in New Zealand.

So, how much effort do you give? It’s the question that 100% has always asked, and it remains the same, thanks to the release of the 2019 100% collection.

2019 100% Goggles

100% Racecraft Dreamflow Goggle
Featured: 100% Racecraft Dreamflow Goggle

The 2019 100% goggle range includes a plethora of designs and colourways. That’s right across the range, from the Racecraft, to the Accuri and the all-new mud-specific Strata Forecast. The juniors don’t miss out, either, as the youth line has received fresh colourways and two new film-equipped goggles to complete the 2019 collection.

2019 100% Gloves

100% Cognito Glove
Featured: 100% Cognito Glove

The entire line has been completely redesigned and redeveloped for 2019, with the fit, function and construction refined to offer the most comprehensive glove collection to date. The assortment offers eight unique chassis that have features specifically tailored to accommodate all riding styles, disciplines and conditions. That includes the Cognito glove, boasting ultimate knuckle protection in the way of strategically placed D3O armour, all without sacrificing comfort on the track or trail. The popular Brisker glove returns for the 2019 100% collection but has had enhancements to the cuff and fit, making it the perfect balance of cold weather insulation and exceptional dexterity.

How much effort do you give?

As popular as 100% has become in other sports, its roots are – and always will be – in motocross. Those roots run deep, too, as you’ll see in this edit from the relaunch in 2011. That’s why 100% continues to support moto from the grassroots level in New Zealand, all the way through to the premier class of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

You could say that the brand started small. Back in the early 1980s, the late Drew Lien produced and sold a product called the “Cable-Erecter”. That was a small accessory that kept the front brake cable from being caught in the front wheel or fender. When it came time to put a name to the brand, Lien looked at a poster of his buddy, Bob “Hurricane” Hannah, one of the fastest and most popular racers of his era. It was then that Lien asked himself, like most racers still do, “What does it take to win?” His answer? “You’ve got to give 100%, like Bob does.”

Despite the products being used by the likes of Rick Johnson and Johnny O’Mara, it was the logo and brand ideals that took 100% to its lofty heights. That saw the logo being worn as a “badge of honour” by the fastest racers of the era  from Hannah to Johnson and David Bailey  and become the “spirit of racing” in moto.

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