The Fast Times

New Zealand, These are #TheFastTimes From the Last Week

The Fast Times
You don't need to be scrolling on Instagram to keep up with #TheFastTimes in Aotearoa, as we have the best posts from the previous week, all in one spot.

1. #KelvinIsMySpiritAnimal


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#FBF to my @foxmoto #Legion shoot a few weeks ago in New Zealand. This guy’s name is Kelvin and he is an absolute legend. The video was my first intro to him after the heli dropped me off in a remote part of NZ. He was ripping all over the property on that old zook with a completely bald tire. As i got to know him over the next 2 days, I was a fan of him. He has been off the grid for over 30 years. No idea how old he is, but he rips on a motorcycle. As well as more fit and agile than most 30 year olds I know. Bought his property 30 years ago (pre cell phones) and lived in a tent for the first 2 years! Oh and cell phone don’t even work on this property. I’m a huge fan of NZ, and an even bigger fan of Kelvin. As I was leaving he gave me a jar of honey that he harvests himself. @thefasttimes_co #LivingOffTheLand #KelvinIsMySpiritAnimal #WeAreGoingBackToNZ

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We totally agree, Carey Hart.

2. “The Kid”

Did you know that the late, great Eric “The Kid” Geboers released a top-ten single?

3. He’s ready

Team New Zealand’s Rhys Carter is ready for RedBuddd

4. #ThisIsMoto

Doesn’t this image say everything we love ’bout moto?

5. It’s all clear


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When you pull your last tear off and have clear vision for 10 seconds

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Speaking of images that make you wanna go ride…

6. The King

Yes, Jeremy McGrath had style for days… and nights.

7. Go get it

You’ve got this, Rachael Archer.

8. That snake

You know, as in Blake “The Snake” Gillard.

9. NZ vs. USA

Yeah, nah… we’re backing Ben Townley on this one, Uncle Ronnie.

10. He was bad to the bone


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Evel Education — #Repost @officialevelknievelmuseum

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There’s no doubt Evel Knievel earned that legacy.