The Fast Times

Honda’s CRF450RX Will Have You Riding the Moto Track and the Trails

2018 Honda CRF450RX
It's almost the weekend, so it's time to hit play and let these Red Riders inspire you to go ride, and throw a leg over Honda's CRF450RX.

Alright, let’s face it: if you’re scrollin’ with The Fast Times, chances are, your ideal day is riding a dirt bike. Where? Well, if there’s dirt, it’s on, right? It’s those elements that make this fresh edit that focuses on the CRF450RX from Blue Wing Honda so epic, and so inspiring, too. This time around, the edit is fronted by Peter “Broxy” Broxholme, a rider who’s spent a career riding Hondas to success, on both the track and the trails.

The 2018 Honda CRF450RX

In the last edit, it was both Broxy and Cody Cooper that were let loose on the trail-ready weapon, where the two took to a “secret location” to have some fun on the CRF450RX. That was around the time that “Coops” was let loose in the hills of the Bay of Plenty to race – and, you know, win – the historic 40th running of the Tarawera 100. Thanks to the CRF450RX’s all-new attributes, including the “electric leg”, the six-times New Zealand Motocross Champion took the holeshot, the lead, and another win. That wasn’t the only glory, though, since Broxy finished fourth behind fellow Honda rider – and Superbike superstar – Mitch Rees.

Before you ask, no, we can’t reveal the “secret location” – which is, uh, just south of Auckland – that’s seen in this edit. But we can reveal that the CRF450RX can carve ruts and berms, as well as launch up and off cliffs, which is why it’s easy to see why the bike is so coveted. But remember, there is one downside to the RX, and that’s that most riders will still tend to reach down for the kickstarter, even though there’s a handy wee button on the ‘bars.

If that’s the only downside to a day of riding, well, you can be sure you’re living the dream. As luck would have it, that’s something that the “Red Riders” specialise in, too.

Main Photo: Blue Wing Honda