The Fast Times

What’s Happening on the Weekend of June 9 + 10?

Matterley Basin
One of these highlights from the coming weekend will definitely keep you busy, whether it sees you in the saddle, at the bunting, or on the couch.

The Weekend

Burt Farm Trail Ride

When it comes to riding in the Bay of Plenty, the Burt Farm is always one of the first choices for locals, whether it’s racin’ or ridin’. That’s ’cause the place is just so much fun to ride.

If you haven’t ridden the place before, you can take our word for it: you’ll have an epic time. But those locals (and riders that have been introduced to the trails by those kind enough to share the love) will know it’s always worth the trip. The trails are regularly changed up, and always groomed, so it’s suitable for riders of all ages and skill levels. The main loop is 20 clicks long, which doesn’t get boring. But there is a shortcut home for those riders that need it.

Now, go make the most of your weekend, in weather that is forecast to be perfect.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

The What: Burt Farm Trail Ride
The Where: Burt Farm, Mimiha Road, Matata
The When: Saturday, June 9
The Who: Burt Brothers Trail Rides

The Race

Alpinestars 2018 New Zealand Enduro Championship

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Alright, there’s no doubt you’ve noticed the increase in wind, rain and cooler temperatures. That’s ’cause, you know, it’s winter. It’s the same for the racers that bang ‘bars in the bush, too. But, unlike so many riders who wait for clear skies and groomed trails, the elite of enduro – and also those who just want to have fun – go race, regardless. But that’s the heart and soul of enduro. It’s all about making it to the end – albeit, for some like Brad Groombridge, it’s all about doing it faster than the rest.

The final two rounds of the Alpinestars 2018 New Zealand Enduro Championship takes racers back from the South Island, to the base of the North Island. That’s where the “weekend warriors” and title contenders will deal with the wind, rain and cold, and focus on what’s most important: racing motorcycles.

If dodging trees and railing ruts isn’t for you, but you still enjoy the scene, make sure you head down to support the local club – not to mention, those shredders out there having fun. Remember, it makes all the difference.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

The What: Alpinestars 2018 New Zealand Enduro Championship – Round 4 + 5
The Where: Bulls, Rangitikei + Martinborough, South Wairarapa
The When: Saturday, June 9 + Sunday, June 10
The Who: Motorcycling New Zealand

The Reception

2018 FIM Motocross World Championship

This weekend, the other premier motocross series – the 2018 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship – takes a break. But the action doesn’t stop on the other side of the pond, and, uh, the channel, ’cause the Grand Prix is off to France for the tenth round of the series.

It follows last weekend’s MXGP of Great Britain at Matterley Basin, which saw some of the hottest racin’, ever. Sure, it’s easy to be hyperbolic ’bout such things, but just watch the embedded video and try tell us otherwise. It saw Antonio Cairoli going at it with Jeffrey Herlings, the former’s teammate and hair apparent, with one rider going down… we won’t spoil just who that was, though.

Will the racing at Saint Jean d’Angely see the same kind of action? If we had to guess, we’d say yes, since some of the greatest motos have taken place at France’s most iconic of motocross tracks.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

The What: 2018 MXGP – Round 10
The Where: Saint Jean d’Angely, France
The When: Sunday, June 10
The Who:

Main Photo: Ray Archer | KTM Images