The Fast Times

The Flashback: Carey Hart Turned the World on its Head and Back Again

Carey Hart
Did you know that Earth has rotated the sun 18 times since Carey Hart turned the world upside down on his Honda CR250R? Now, let's take a trip back to 2000.

Has it really been the better part of two decades? Yeah, it has. But, for those in Aotearoa, it took a few days – and, you know, even weeks – to learn that Carey Hart had stomped the backflip on a moto. Now, before you even begin to question if he stomped it, well, you can stop reading, ’cause there’s no doubt that he did.

Carey Hart stomps it

Unlike a lot of the OGs of freestyle motocross, Carey Hart is still visible in the moto scene, for many reasons: he still rides (and is at the forefront of the “Dualigans“); he is a brand ambassador for Fox Racing; and he was also the first to step up and, you know, send it.

Yeah, we know, there are some – who, these days, are the minority – that think Hart didn’t land it. In short, he did. Sure, it wasn’t the smoothest landing, but neither was the booter that sent him soaring and ’round for a full loop. That moment, one that seemed like an eternity, took place at the 2000 Gravity Games – in the same vein as X Games – in Providence, Rhode Island.

It didn’t come easy, ’cause Hart didn’t learn to flip in a foam pit, unlike the generation that followed those revolutionaries (but we’re not taking away from any rider that throws a full loop). Back in the early days of freestyle competition, Hart was just one of a few core shredders who chose to take the freestyle revolution to the next level, which turned the scene on its head – and back ’round again – by learning how to get upside-down on a BMX, thanks to fellow Vegas local, TJ Lavin.

It’s one thing to get up and ’round on a 20-inch BMX, but another thing to be the first to flip a two-fiddy motocross bike in competition, and set the scene. But Carey Hart did, something that’s never been forgotten, and the progression has never stopped.

Main Photo: Fox Racing