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This Alpinestars Limited Edition Collection is One Vice You Need to Have

Alpinestars Limited Edition Vice Indy Collection
Forget what people say, it's OK to have one vice, or even a whole collection. But only if it's the Alpinestars Limited Edition Indy Vice Collection.

There are some limited editions that are more limited than others, if only for one simple reason: everyone wants a part of it. The latest LE from Alpinestars happens to be one of those, with the teaser images of “Flamingo Pink” and “Ocean Teal” colourway getting the all the likes and all the attention in the lead up to the weekend of racing in Indianapolis. But that was nothing compared to the reveal of the Alpinestars Limited Edition Indy Vice Collection, combining the race-proven – at all levels of racing – Racer pant and jersey, Radar Flight glove, and iconic Tech 7 boot, all in the “Vice” colourway.

Alpinestars Limited Edition Indy Vice Gearset

Alpinestars Limited Edition Indy Vice Gearset

Did you know that this LE made its racing debut in Aotearoa? That’s right, the collection was ridden to victory on the weekend by Cody Cooper, making him – and Rhys Carter – look faster than ever. If you want any of the collection, whether it’s the gearset, gloves or boots, you better be even quicker, ’cause this LE is going to fly off shelves at a high rate of pace.

With pre-curved sleeves, and an extremely lightweight but durable main chassis that’s made with moisture-wicking fabric, the Racer jersey will not let you down. It’s also the same for the Racer pant, which has an innovative, ergonomic design. The jersey and pant combo is perfect for the track or trails, no matter what the skill level of the rider.

Alpinestars Limited Edition Indy Vice Radar Flight Glove

Alpinestars Limited Edition Indy Vice Glove


No LE collection is complete without a matching glove, and the Indy Vice has just that, in the form of the Radar Flight glove. The glove is a lightweight dirt bike glove that does what Alpinestars does best: performs and protects. For this limited edition release, the gloves do all that in the grey, pink and teal colourway.

Alpinestars Limited Edition Indy Vice Tech 7 Boot

Alpinestars Limited Edition Indy Vice Boot

Sure, the Tech 10 is the flagship boot of the Alpinestars range of dirt bike boots. But there is another boot that has just as much respect, and even more heritage, which is the Tech 7. The current Tech 7 is a completely new design, too, which makes for a lighter and more anatomically profiled moto kick. The CE-certified Tech 7 is available in a huge range of colourways. But, trust us, this time ’round, you’ll be wanting to get in the Indy Vice Tech 7.

Alpinestars MX18

If you do happen to miss out on the Alpinestars Limited Edition Indy Vice Collection, the brand still has you covered for the rest of the season and beyond. That’s because the 2018 Alpinestars Motocross Collection, distributed by Crown Kiwi Enterprises, is available in Alpinestars Destination Stores across the country.

Main Photo: Alpinestars


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