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The Spotlight: It’s Time to Get Your Head into the Shoei VFX-WR

Shoei VFX-WR
It's been a long time coming, but the Shoei VFX-WR is finally in dealers across the country, and also on the heads of some pretty fast Kiwi talent.

We weren’t going to mention it, but Shoei acknowledged that, yes, the VFX-W – the brand’s flagship dirt bike helmet – has done its time, and done it well. The next generation of the VFX was long overdue, though. But evolution takes time, as does world-class design, engineering and quality, all of which Shoei is known for. Kiwis, it’s time to welcome the Shoei VFX-WR.

The Shoei VFX-WR has landed in New Zealand

Being fully loaded with next-level performance, safety, style and progression, the all-new VFX-WR proudly boasts the Shoei-exclusive Motion Energy Distribution System [M.E.D.S.], strategically engineered to reduce rotational acceleration energy to the head in the event of an accident.

The VFX-WR is completely reimagined and re-engineered, all without sacrificing an ounce of the quality and performance that have given Shoei riders the championship-worthy confidence for nearly a decade.

So, what can riders expect from the VFX-WR? Instead of reading from the highlight of the press kit, The Fast Times got the inside from those in the know. But, along with the safety, style and progression that Shoei has always know for – a legacy that looks set to continue – the VFX-WR brings new tech that is exclusive to Shoei’s next flagship helmet: Motion Energy Distribution System (M.E.D.S.). For Shoei, M.E.D.S. is strategically engineered to reduce rotational acceleration energy to the head in the event of an accident. Basically, it keeps your brain from bouncing off your skull during falls, no matter what speed you hit the ground at.

To add to the protection, but also make the helmet comfortable, Shoei has retained its 3D Max-Dry System II, a liner that wicks moisture away and keeps you, the rider, cooler for longer. Around the front, Shoei has also kept the Emergency Quick Release System in the cheek pads, which allows first responders to easily and safely remove the helmet from a downed rider.

The Shoei VFX-WR is now available to Kiwis, being distributed across Aotearoa by White’s Powersports. It will make its racing debut at the third round of the NZ MX Nationals, at Ngaruroro Raceway, Hastings.

Main Photo: Shoei Co., Ltd


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