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4 Essential Dragon MXV Goggles for Each of the 4 Seasons in Aotearoa

Dragon MXV
Even if Kiwis can experience all four seasons in a single day, it's easy to keep your eyes on the prize, with the all-new range of Dragon MXV goggles.

Summer | Dragon MXV Max

Dragon MXV Max
Featured: Podium

In the summer, the tracks are busy, with riders – from Pro to Joe – shredding the soil of Aotearoa. It also sees the NZ MX Nationals take place, where the moto elite battle it out for the podium. Another “Podium” that will be battled over is the design and colourway of the Dragon MXV Plus. That’s the goggle that was designed to protect and perform at the highest of levels, being taken to the top by Jason Anderson in Monster Energy AMA Supercross, and also on the track and trails in New Zealand by Brad Groombridge. If the MXV Max works for riders of that calibre, you can be sure it will work for you, too.

Autumn | Dragon MXV

Dragon MXV
Featured: Break | Orange

It’s the season when the foliage becomes orange and begins to fall. By keeping your vision clear, you need to make sure that’s the only orange thing falling, and that’s easy with a set of goggles that are perfect for the other fall. There are still a lot of club days to be raced in the cooler months, but it’s the season where the trail riding options are more plentiful, so the hours in the saddle will add up. With more rides in the bush, a rider will need some particular features in a goggle, including a clear lens that gives you clear sight to see those hazards that can be found under the canopy. That can be accentuated with an amber lens, to help brighten up what would normally be a grey weekend of riding.

Winter | Dragon MXV RRS

Dragon MXV RRS
Featured: Coal

Sure, winter is when it really starts to turn bad. But, let’s be honest, the Dragon MXV RRS could be used year-round in New Zealand. That’s because our summer can – and does – resemble winter, and can see more rain than sunshine, making for less than ideal riding conditions. You can keep your vision clear, and your eyes on the prize (even if it’s just beating your pal down a straight at a local ride) with the Dragon MXV RRS goggle system. Like the other options in the MXV range, the RRS utilises the 4.5 Base Curvature, which makes for a flatter design, and also a smoother surface for the film to run across. In short, it means less screw-ups with your roll-offs, letting you focus on those ruts and roots. Bonus.

Spring | Dragon MXV Plus

Dragon MXV Plus
Featured: Coal | Black

C’mon, we’re Kiwis, so it’s a given that these two colourways would be chosen on any list. For riders in New Zealand, the spring is still pretty cool, and so is the MXV Plus – especially the murdered-out black frame, strap and smoke lens. Don’t worry, there’s no need to wait ’til spring to rock the “Coal” or “Black” MXV Plus. Just like the MXV Max, the MXV Plus has outriggers on the frame, which helps make pulling a tear-off in the heat of racing that much easier. The outriggers help provide a better fit inside more helmets, too.

Main Photo: Lauran Robinson | Lauran’s Images


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