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The Spotlight: Get a Grip with the 100% iTrack Glove

100% iTrack Glove
Just like a goggle, the right kind of glove will go unnoticed, but the wrong glove can ruin your day. That's why you need to take notice of the 100% iTrack.

Kiwis, it’s time to get a grip, which is way easier in a good glove. But what makes a good glove? For the 100% iTrack, it’s the lightweight materials and simple construction. The minimum distractions mean maximum comfort, no matter what your skill level, on the track or the trails.

Get a grip with the 100% iTrack

The 100% iTrack gives complete connectivity between the rider and the bike. It does that by using ultra-lightweight materials, which are fused with the simplistic design top riders have come to expect from a premium glove. This balance is achieved by the commitment from 100% to design a glove that delivers maximum comfort and durability, providing the rider with complete connectivity to the bike, all with minimal distractions.

The perforated single-layer Clarino on the iTrack palm improves comfort, while reducing bunching. The Polymesh backhand improves fit over the knuckles and increases airflow. The silicon printed palm graphics on that Clarino palm improve palm and lever traction. The Trek-Dry finger gussets enhance mobility and wick away moisture. The integrated tech-thread at the end of the index fingers keeps you connected with your phone, meaning less messing about during stops.

The 100% iTrack is all about the complete connectivity between the pilot and the bike. It makes sense to have that complete connectivity, too, as your hands are the primary point of contact between you and your ride. That’s why it pays to have a good glove, like the iTrack, which aids in the connectivity. But the iTrack is also comfortable, for the duration of the ride, and can protect the rider in a fall. Remember, for the most part, your hands – in particular, your palms – will be the first thing to hit the deck (unless you’re in big trouble, that is). The 100% iTrack can do all that, for just $39.90, which is one less thing for a rider to worry about.

Main Photo: Alick Saunders Photography


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