The Fast Times

New Zealand, These are #TheFastTimes From the Last Week

The Fast Times
You don't need to be scrolling on Instagram to keep up with #TheFastTimes in Aotearoa, as we have the best posts from the previous week, all in one spot.

1. The tease

You can almost smell the premix, huh?

2. Hipster

This is the kind of rad stuff you’ll see at Farm Jam 2018!

3. The OGs

On the stage, or on the track, Jordan Burns and Erik Sandin are legends.

4. Take a ride

…and also a spin, with Nate Adams!

5. The OE

Flick of da wrist

A post shared by Dylan Walsh (@walsh_53) on

It looks like Dylan Walsh is enjoying his working holiday in Europe.

6. The Return of the King

But don’t call it a comeback!

7. The W

The W stands for a Win at Woodville.

8. Speaking of which…

The Tim Gibbes Trophy is currently held by Kayne Lamont.

9. Straight outta the bowl

…and out the gate!

10. It’s magenta

So, don’t say it’s pink.


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