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It’s Time for the Good, the Rad and the Gnarly: January 22, 2018

Cody Cooper
It’s the start of a new week, so it’s time to collate all the action from the weekend, for the good, the rad and the gnarly…

The Land of the Long White Cloud

2018 King of the Mountain

Kiwis, the new season of racing is underway, and it has introduced a new winner: Rhys Carter. At the 2018 King of the Mountain, the good times were rolling, seeing the 3 Twenty 3 shredder taking the overall for the weekend.

The Taranaki Motorcycle Club‘s King of the Mountain is an annual two-day event, which has the country’s fastest and most talented racers heading to the ‘Naki for some epic racing. But only one can be the true “King of the Mountain.

While there is only one premier class King of the Mountain, the other classes also had their champions, too. In the Junior 125cc 12–14 Years, it was Brodie Connolly who claimed the crown – that happens to be the perfect headwear in the ‘Naki, too, of course – and named King of the Mountain for 2018 in his class.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

The What: 2018 King of the Mountain
The Where: Barrett Motorcycle Park
The When: Sunday, January 21
The Who: 


1. Rhys Carter
2. Brad Groombridge
3. Jared Guthrie


1. Brad Groombridge
2. Mason Wilkie
3. Daryl Hurley


1. Peter Dreaver
2. Mack Cook
3. Shane Robinson

Women’s Class

1. Taylar Rampton
2. Letitia Alabaster
3. Roma Edwards

National 125cc

1. Joshua Bourke-Palmer
2. Seton Head
3. Grason Veich

Vets 35+ Years Class

1. Mike Fleming
2. Craig Robinson
3. Andy Glasgow

Vets 45+ Years Class

1. Mitch Rowe
2. Marty Axtens
3. Allen Nickalls

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

The What: 2018 King of the Mountain
The Where: Barrett Motorcycle Park
The When: Saturday, January 20
The Who: 

Junior 125cc 12–14 Years Class

1. Brodie Connolly
2. Madoc Dixon
3. Cullen Hurley

Junior 85cc 14–16 Years Class 

1. Ben Wall
2. Luka Freemantle
3. Kaleb Jordan

Junior 250cc 14–16 Years Class

1. Grason Veich
2. Max Singleton
3. Josh Clausen

Junior 125cc 15–16 Years Class

1. Seton Head
2. Jacob Beal
3. James Barnett

Junior 85cc 8–11 Years Class

1. Kobe Thoms
2. Troy Holmes
3. Luke Watson

Junior Pro 65cc 8–11 Years Class

1. Astin Scott
2. Mitchell Scott
3. Jacob Towning

Junior 85cc 12–13 Years Class

1. Rhys Jillings
2. Logan Kerrisk
3. Rian King

The World Stage

Monster Energy AMA Supercross

At the third round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross, the series made its return to Anaheim, and also saw the return of three riders. Those riders had been out with shoulder injuries: Eli Tomac, Marvin Musquin and Dean Wilson. Sure, all were on the gate, but only one had a successful night.

For Tomac, the return to racing was better than even he could have expected. The Monster Energy Kawasaki rider took the overall, even though he won just one of the three main events in the Triple Crown. Wait, what? Yes, for Anaheim 2, there was an all-new format – the first time the format had been changed since 1985 – that had three main events. It led to a lot more racing, and each race was as exciting as a “normal” main event, too.

Yeah, Tomac won the night, but he still has to make up a lot of points in the championship. But, lucky for Tomac (and race fans), it’s a long season.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

The What: 2018 Monster Energy AMA Supercross – Round 3
The Where: Anaheim, California
The When: Sunday, January 21
The Who:

450 SX

1. Eli Tomac (5-1-2)
2. Cole Seely (1-2-7)
3. Jason Anderson (7-3-1)

250 SX

1. Joey Savatgy (1-2-1)
2. Shane McElrath (5-1-4)
3. Christian Craig (2-3-5)

The Viral

The wrong kind of break

Yeah, any professional rider – either racer, weekend warrior or freestyler – will have their fair share of hits, knocks and hits. But Luke Smith seems to be taking more than most.

Broken femur and wrist operations today

A post shared by Luke Smith (@lukesmithfmx) on

As we type this, Luke is under the knife, getting his femur and wrist put back together. Knowing “Smithy”, we know it won’t be long ’til he’s back on his feet – not to mention, his moto, too.

The Gear Bag

Shift Whit3 Label Ninety Seven Gearset

Shift Whit3 Label Collection
Photo: Alick Saunders Photography

The entire Shift 2018 line has been completely redesigned. It means the brand is able to offer performance-wear across each category. By going back to the drawing board, Shift has been able to strip back the gear, making it as streamlined as possible. It’s not just the design and construction, but also the colourways. That’s the reason behind the brand naming the new campaign “Pure”. Shift focused on the benefits to the rider, by focusing on the critical aspects of such a performance product, and stripping away the excess.

The core riders need gear that is as long-lasting and comfortable as it is stylish. The all-new Whit3 Label jersey answers the call with a bevy of performance features and stunning graphics. The main body fabric is lightweight, yet durable and features wicking properties to keep you drier and cooler during your ride. An easy-fitting silhouette keeps you relaxed and uninhibited on the bike, with ventilated side panels that deliver unreal comfort all season long.

The Whit3 Label Ninety Seven pant is all-new, too, which uses specific materials and technologies to optimise quality, value and style for core motocross riders. By focusing on simplistic innovations, Shift was able to reduce weight, while improving flexibility, ventilation, and durability. The pant design is based around a rugged 600D main body construction that makes for an excellent balance of strength and weight. That is amplified by smart details to improve fit and functionality, such as stretch zones in the waist, back panel, and a lower leg that allow the pants to move with you without feeling inhibiting.

The Shift Whit3 Label collection – that includes a helmet, goggle and boot – was designed to give those core riders the essentials: durability and fit. That’s all at a reasonable price, too. The brand was able to do that by combining simple construction with quality fabrics and unique graphic techniques, giving the weekend warriors a gearset that not only looks cool but also stands the test of time – and doesn’t max out your credit card.

The Weekend

2018 International Woodville New Zealand Grand Prix

Alright, we’re here: the week that sees a normally nondescript paddock in the Manawatu ripped and rolled for it to become one of the most iconic motocross tracks in the Southern Hemisphere. The track hosts one of the most iconic events in the Southern Hemisphere, too, which is the 2018 International Woodville New Zealand Grand Prix.

But to Kiwis, well, we just call it “Woodville”. The event, run on the last weekend of January, is one of the country’s oldest – if not the most prestigious – motorcycle races. That’s why over 600 racers are found on the gate, in classes from the premier MX1, all the way through to the VMX and the River Race.

For 2018, the two-day event will be held over the weekend of January 27 and 28, where a veritable who’s who of Kiwi and Australian motocross will be banging ‘bars.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

The What: 2018 Honda International Woodville New Zealand Grand Prix
The Where: State Highway 3, Woodville
The When: Saturday, January 27 + Sunday, January 28
The Who: Manawatu-Orion Motorcycle Club

Main Photo: Lauran Robinson | Lauran’s Images


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