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The Flashback: Take a Ride Back to the 2017 Woodville Grand Prix

2017 Woodville GP
The 2018 International Woodville New Zealand Grand Prix is just one week away, which is perfect timing to look back at the last time the track was shredded.

That’s right, in just over a week, the Kiwi motocross fraternity heads to Woodville for one of the country’s oldest – if not the most prestigious – motorcycle races in Aotearoa. The race is the International Woodville New Zealand Grand Prix that takes place on hallowed ground in the Manawatu.

2017 Woodville Grand Prix

As January comes to an end, the new season of racing – well, the second half of it, anyway – kicks off with King of the Mountain. But for many racers and race fans the highlight of the racing calendar are the two days of racing simply known as “Woodville“. That’s why the event still brings some of the biggest numbers of any motocross race in New Zealand, seeing over 600 racers lining up to race, in classes from the premier MX1, all the way through to the VMX and the River Race. Given that the Manawatu-Orion Motorcycle Club is about to host the event for the 57th time, that is nothing new, though.

While the weekend of January 27 and 28 will see a veritable who’s who of Kiwi motocross, the up-and-comers and those weekend warriors that are the backbone of the sport on the gate in the Manawatu, this weekend sees us taking a look back at the 2017 International Woodville New Zealand Grand Prix. In particular, the Sunday of racing, where some of the fastest took to the track.

It was Courtney Duncan who took the win in the Women’s Grand Prix, followed closely by Caroline Berglund, a Swede who was visiting Aotearoa for some off-season racing. It was the same in MX1, too, where more internationals gave the Kiwis some good racing. In MX1, it was two Australians, Dean Ferris and Todd Waters, who took the top two spots.

But instead of reading about the racing, it’s time to watch some of the racing, in this rad edit by Blake Rountree.

Main Photo: Blake Rountree Media


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