The Fast Times

New Zealand, These are #TheFastTimes From the Last Week

The Fast Times
You don't need to be scrolling on Instagram to keep up with #TheFastTimes in Aotearoa, as we have the best posts from the previous week, all in one spot.

1. Confirmed

On Saturday, February 3, Kiwis will get the chance to see Tyler Bereman go huge at Farm Jam.

2. The hat-trick

There’s a reason why Tony D is considered one of the all-time greats.

3. Speaking of greats

There’s a reason why Chris Birch is considered one, too. That’s ’cause he’s wheelie good…

4. What a Vue

The all-new Fox Racing Vue has landed in Aotearoa. Yes, The Fast Times will have the first test, too.

5. G’day, mate

@jaywilson_6 laying down the law 👊🏼

A post shared by Ethan Martin (@ethanmart1n) on

That title should be “G’day, Jay”, huh? Yup, Jay Wilson is back for the 2018 NZ MX Nationals.

6. Get Carter

This season, Jay – and the rest of the field – might be following Rhys Carter ’round the tracks.

7. I Spy

Since Day☝🏼 @SpyOptic #Family #Crü

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Were you riding when Spy Optics first came on the scene?

8. The Burt

The Burt Munro Challenge is one hell of a weekend.

9. The future

Is this in your future? If you keep riding long enough, chances are, well, yes, it will be.

10. The kids are alright

The next generation is as fast as ever. Plus, the kids have style for miles.


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