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The Spotlight: Take a Look Through the Shift Whit3 Label Goggle

Shift Whit3 Label Goggle
For 2018, you can top off the Whit3 Label gearset, boot and helmet combo with the Shift Whit3 Label goggle, which is perfect for riders of all skill levels.

The year that was 2017 was a big one for Shift, which saw the brand celebrate its 20th anniversary, but also the release of an entirely new line-up of gear for 2018. With the Whit3 Label, 3lack Label and 3lue Label, the brand has gear for riders of all ages, skills and disciplines, and entirely new designs for everything from the helmet to the boots and the Shift Whit3 Label goggle.

The Shift Whit3 Label collection was designed to give those core riders the essentials: durability and fit. That’s all at a reasonable price, too. The brand was able to do that by combining simple construction with quality fabrics and unique graphic techniques, giving the weekend warriors gear that not only looks cool but also stands the test of time – and doesn’t max out your credit card.

Shift Whit3 Label Goggle

Shift Whit3 Label Goggle
Featured: Shift Whit3 Label Goggle | Yellow

The all-new Shift Whit3 Label goggle has more of what you need, and less of what you don’t, all at a price you can’t ignore. Shift took the industry standard for peripheral vision and then blew it out of the water. That’s because better sight equals better riding. Of course, better riding also means more riding – and Shift likes more riding. To aid in your ability to ride longer, Shift added a triple density foam package to soak up and push away all that sweat you’re going to produce. The brand even threw in a 45mm strap, too, because that’s what all the cool kids are digging these days.

Along with the all-new Shift Whit3 Label gear, helmet and boots, riders can complete the head-to-toe combo of Shift Whit3 Label gear with the goggle. It’s a good choice, since the Whit3 Label goggle has a frame that allows for unparalleled vision. That’s the upward, downward and peripheral. You get all of that for just $79.00, too.

Main Photo: Alick Saunders Photography


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