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What’s Happening on the Weekend of December 23 + 24?

2018 Suzuki RM-Z450
One of these highlights from the coming weekend will definitely keep you busy, whether it sees you in the saddle, at the bunting, or on the couch.

The Ride

Burt Farm Trail Ride

Wait… didn’t we do this last Monday? Yeah, just like this past weekend, next weekend will also see riders heading to the Burt Farm to shred. This is the final ride at the Burt Farm for 2017, too, which is why it’s time to load up and head over to Matata, before the holidays start, and your time is not necessarily your own.

If you haven’t ridden the place before, you can take our word for it: you’ll have an epic time. But those locals (and riders that have been introduced to the trails by those kind enough to share the love) will know it’s always worth the trip. The trails are regularly changed up, and always groomed, so it’s suitable for riders of all ages and skill levels. The main loop is 20 clicks long, which doesn’t get boring. But there is a shortcut home for those riders that need it.

There’s no better way to kick the holiday season off.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

The What: Burt Farm Trail Ride
The Where: Burt Farm, Mimiha Road, Matata
The When: Saturday, December 23
The Who: Burt Brothers Trail Rides

The Ride

Pirini Motorbike Park Ride Day

Photo: Alick Saunders Photography

Normally, this is the section that highlights a race. But it’s the time of year that has no racing to be done. There are still a few options for a trail ride, or rip on a motocross track, though. This weekend, one of those options is at Pirini Motorbike Park.

Those in the know will be returning for another ride. For those who don’t, you can be sure you’ll have an epic day on the bike, no matter if you prefer the track or the trails – and you’ll return for more, too.

For this ride, The Fast Times won’t be there. But, as always, snap a photo of the “Maverick” logo that’s pasted on the cabin, tag us on Instagram, and we’ll send you some.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

The What: Pirini Motorbike Park Ride Day
The Where: 935 Pongakawa Bush Road, Te Puke
The When: Saturday, December 23
The Who: Pirini Motorbike Park

The Reception

Premix 2: Two-Stroke Fever 

While you should be out enjoying the sunshine, it’s not always possible during the holiday period. But that is the perfect time to check out Premix 2: Two-Stroke Fever, the sequel to the original oil-burning moto video that no doubt inspired the purchase of many two-bangers.

Sure, the two-stroke engine is no longer at the forefront of motocross – the off-road scene is another story, though – but the foundation of modern motocross was built on the humble powerplant. That’s from the venerable PW50, to the KX80 and the CR250R. These days, most of the bikes on the gate of a professional race will be fuel-injected four-strokes, which is why it’s so rad to see and – more importantly – hear a two-stroke shredding. That is the basis of the Premix series, taking it back to the basics, but adding the superstars of motocross to the mix (along with Maxima Castor 927, of course).

So, this holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving – for yourself or a loved one – that is Premix 2: Two-Stroke Fever. If you can’t go riding, well, this is the next best thing.

Main Photo: Alick Saunders Photography


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