The Fast Times

New Zealand, These are #TheFastTimes From the Last Week

The Fast Times
You don't need to be scrolling on Instagram to keep up with #TheFastTimes in Aotearoa, as we have the best posts from the previous week, all in one spot.

1. It was another era

This print advertisement could’ve worked as a #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFriday, but we prefer Tony’s hashtag, ’cause Nineties moto did rule!

2. The choice of champions

It was already true, but this announcement just reiterates that Workshop Graphics is the “choice of champions”.

3. Send it

Yup, Luke Smith knows how to send it!

4. A new wolf pack

For the upcoming season, Kurtis Lilly has an entirely new programme, which has some epic support.

5. The Shōgun’s weapon

Time to pack for @supercrossgeneva !! #shoguncarbon #builtnotbought #carbonfiber

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We all want our bikes to be unique, but it doesn’t get more unique than this effort by Levi Sherwood.

6. Some more lit kit

Yes, we know that the all-new Shift 3lue Label gearset should have made our 10 Lit Kits feature.

7. The big bore beast

The bike is a classic, as is the pilot. Both are really, really fast, too.

8. Speaking of classics

You can’t really see it in the image, but there is still dirt on those tyres.

9. The sign of things to come?

No, we don’t have shares in the company. But The Fast Times is most definitely a fan of the future.

10. Somethings really are timeless

@db_graphics got the rig looking sharp this season. If your ride is in need for a fresh look hit these guys up🤘🏽

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Do you reckon this TC 125 sounds as good as it looks? Oh, there’s no doubt.


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