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It’s Time for the Good, the Rad and the Gnarly: November 6, 2017

New Zealand Motocross
It’s the start of a new week, so it’s time to collate all the action from the weekend, for the good, the rad and the gnarly…

The Land of the Long White Cloud

The kids are all right

2017 New Zealand Mini Motocross Nationals

This past weekend, both ends of the country had two-day events running, which kept the Kiwi moto shredders of all ages busy. For the future of Kiwi moto, the destination was Christchurch, where the New Zealand Mini Motocross Championships were held.

Hosted by the Christchurch Offroad Motorcycle Club’s track in West Melton, it was all go from early Saturday morning. While some of the country was being drenched in rain, Canterbury was bathing in the sun. Just like the big burning ball in the sky, the weekend gave the moto groms the chance to shine, too.

They say that mud is the great equaliser. There’s no doubt that is true. But it seems that the polar opposite is also the same, as the hard-baked and hard-packed track led to dust. How much dust? Well, as one moto dad said, the first day saw him “covered him in ten layers of dust”. Those conditions also meant some racers had less than ideal results. But those that were prepared, and ready to shred, found themselves at the sharp end for the glory.

We know your little rippers will be thanking you, Ma and Pa. But The Fast Times also want to thank you for keeping the passion alive. If it weren’t for you, your passion and your support, the discipline would die. The same goes for Tracktion Motorcycles, KTM New Zealand, and Bairds Collision Centre, too.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

The What: 2017 New Zealand Mini Motocross Championships
The Where: West Melton, Christchurch
The When: Saturday, November 4 + Sunday, November 5
The Who:

Accessman 6–8 Years 50cc MX Class

1. Maz Parkes
2. Luke Riley
3. Jack Ellingham

Fowler Homes Intro 3: 4–7 Years 50cc MX Class

1. Tynan Morrow
2. Zavier Jolly
3. Hunter Hadley

B.T.F 7–8 Years 65cc MX Class

1. Kase Thoms
2. Delton Manson
3. Declan Connors

9–11 Years 65cc Support Class

1. Spencer Biggs
2. Thomas Robinson
3. Nikau Prendergast

Auto Gates 9–11 Years 65cc MX Class

1. Tyler Wiremu
2. Kobe Thoms
3. Seth Morrow

Premier Contracting 7–11 Years Small Trail Class

1. William Pluck
2. Owen Ellis
3. Lachlan Clearwater

Truck Plus 7–11 Years Big Trail Class

1. Alex Gilchrist
2. Sam Pickens
3. Ryan Tangaroa

Fevah Roofing Intro 1: 4–5 Years 50cc Trail Class

1. Harry Pluck
2. Paddy Parkes
3. Zachary Paterson

Bayleys South Canterbury Intro 2: 6–8 Years 50cc Trail Class

1. Tyler Mansell
2. Blake Rhodes
3. Kaylee Verhoeven

Another weekend done, another title won

Cody Cooper
Photo: Lauran Robinson | Lauran’s Images

For Cody Cooper, it’s another weekend done, another title won. Since the gate dropped on the new season, which kicked off at Huka Honda’s MX Fest, it’s back to full-time racing for “Coops”. The current New Zealand Motocross Champion – his sixth premier title, no less – has kept the wins coming for the end of the season, too.

First, he took three wins from three starts in the mud at the South Waikato Motorcycle Club’s Ben Townley-designed track. Then, a week later down in Winton, he carried on the winning enough to take the title. That’s a good result for a season. But it’s even better when you realise it’s just one week into the new season.

This past weekend, he followed up with another title at the Waikato Champs, hosted by the North King Country Motorcycle Club. It was not only a clean streak of all the races by Coops, but also his fellow “Red Riders” Micah McGoldrick and John Phillips.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

The What: 2017 Waikato Champs
The Where: Te Kuiti
The When: Saturday, November 4 + Sunday, November 5
The Who:

Pro 450 Class

1. Cody Cooper
2. Micah McGoldtrick
3. John Phillips

Pro 250 Class

1. Wyatt Chase
2. James Anderson
3. Trent Collins

MX3 Class

1. Sam Cleland
2. Jed Bixley
3. Rob Dunn

Pro 125 Class

1. James Scott
2. Joshua Bourke-Palmer
3. Hunter Miller

8–11 85cc Class

1. Jack Coleman
2. Troy Holmes
3. Boston Doherty

12–14 Years 125 slash 14-16 250F Class

1. Jed Bixley
2. Kyan Loomans
3. Kian de Lacy

12–16 Years 85cc Class

1. Seth Henson
2. Donovan Ward
3. Yanni Emerson-Rae

12–14 125cc Class

1. Liam Everts
2. Jack Dunlop
3. Hunter Miller

8–11 85cc + 150cc Class

1. Rian King
2. Reuben Smith
3. Alex Garland

12–16 85cc + 150F Class

1. Liam Evert
2. Seth Henson
3. Nicholas Westgate

Vets 35–44 Class

1. Richard Beuck
2. Allen Nickalls
3. Dion Steiner

Vets 45+ Class

1. Morris Pulman
2. Rod Pickerill
3. Wayne Strachan

Women’s Class

1. Shelby Catley
2. Roma Edwards
3. Chloe Steel

14–16 250cc Class

1. Reef Wheki
2. Josh Clausen
3. William McDonald

15–16 125cc Class

1. James Scott
2. Seton Head
3. Carlin Hedley

The World Stage

“Uncle” Ronnie Mac is heading Down Under

Even with the sun and the rain, Aotearoa was busy on the moto front. But the international racing scene was very quiet. That’s until this weekend, when some of the world’s best riders – in and out of dungarees – descend on Sydney for the Monster Energy AUS-X Open.

With Chad Reed out for the rest of the year, the race between Ricky Carmichael and his former antipodean rival didn’t come to fruition. But the promoters found a ringer in the way of Ronnie Mac. Sure, some people would prefer to watch Carmichael and Reed go at it. But this isn’t 2003, and an injury is an injury, so this is the next best thing.

We’re not sure what Ronnie Mac’s schedule was like, but he’s not the only star who’s heading Down Under. The list of riders includes Jason Anderson, Justin Brayton, Dean Ferris, and Dean Wilson. Let’s hope that the promoters have enough PBR to keep “Uncle Ronnie” in action.

Plus, there must’ve been a 1998 Honda CR250R out there in Australia for him to cut the fenders down on, too, right?

The Viral

That’s the sound of shredding

Make no mistake, on this Monday, you’re not going to see anything cooler than Josh Hill shredding the dunes on an Alta Motors Redshift MX. As it’s an Alta, you’re not going to hear anything, either.

A post shared by Josh Hill (@joshill75) on

Now, love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no doubt that this is the future of riding. But, the real question is, when does the future become the now?

The Gear Bag

Shift Whit3 Label Boot

Shift Whit3 Label Boot
Photo: Alick Saunders Photography

If there was a signature boot made for Kiwis, it would be Red Band gumboots. It’s the same from one end of the country to the other, too. That’s because the humble boot can be worn to work and also the pub. But there is one place it shouldn’t be worn, which is the track or the trails. So, for all those casual riders that like to ride in gumboots, well, it’s time to keep the Red Band for the farm – or pub – and wear the Whit3 Label on the track or trails.

The Whit3 Label Boot maximises the minimums. It focuses on premium support and fitment from the ankle down, with just the right amount of protection and durability. The result is an entirely unique motocross boot that strips away what you don’t need, investing in what you do.

The main body is made from a high-abrasion synthetic leather for a perfect balance of durability and natural stretch. This is reinforced by injected molded TPU shin plates and rubber burn guards. Those plates and burn guards shield against impact and wear while providing grip and heat resistance.

Putting the boot on is simple, fast and secure every time. There are two buckle closures that hold your ankle and foot firmly, while an innovative silicone strap on the shin provides fluid mobility while riding. The rubber strap has four size settings, so you can customise the fit. Once on, the ankle and heel TPU molds to your foot to minimise movement in the boot while you ride.

Just like the Whit3 Label gearset, helmet and goggle, the boot combines simple construction with quality materials. It also has style for days – and nights. That keeps the Whit3 Label head-to-toe combo in line with Shift’s core theme for 2018. It does so for a competitive price of $359.00, too.

The Weekend

Strange Road Trail Ride

Whyteline Limited
Photo: Alick Saunders Photography

You know, it’s never too early to start planning the next weekend. That’s why you need to look ahead to Sunday, November 12. Because it’s the day the 15th annual Rotary Club of Paeroa Charity Trail Ride takes place, at the end of Strange Road, Hikutaia.

For 2017, there have been lots of changes – the good kind – that even include all-new sections. It also sees the introduction of a half loop, which gives riders – especially new riders and families – the option of riding 18 kilometres instead of the full 36 kilometres.

This week, the organizers are putting in the final touches. So, come the morning of November 12, the trails will be ready to be ridden – from 10.00am sharp.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

The What: 15th Annual Rotary Club of Paeroa Charity Trail Ride
The Where: Strange Road, Hikutaia
The When: Sunday, November 12
The Who: Rod Coe – 021 208 2601 | Mark Whyte – 021 729 012

Main Photo: Lauran Robinson | Lauran’s Images


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